Pharmacare Preregistrtion Programme


Vacancy Title: Preregistration Intake


Contact Name: Mitesh Patel



Description:To work under the supervision of the pharmacist tutor and/or other appointed persons (e.g pharmacists, dispensers, team leaders) and to carry out day to day activities connected with the preparation and supply of medicines. To learn and develop performance standards in accordance with tasks, knowledge, skills and professionalism expected of a registered pharmacist. To ensure that the company’s structured plan is followed alongside a personal plan in order to pass the pre-reg examination and thus gain the opportunity to join the register of pharmacists. To provide advice to patients on the use of medicines as well as on general health and lifestyle matters.


Package Type: Preregistration


Benefits: Study time arrangement with your tutor. PCT training/other evening meetings. Fully paid pre-registration training course and chance to interact with other Pre reg students on these.


No. of positions: 1


Salary: £21,000

Please send CV/covering letter to kirkbyschemist@yahoo.com